InterMountain Safety Shoe Store's safety boots and shoes utilize ANSI symbols to quickly identify the safety features of each model. Whether you are looking for work boots, hiking boots, or athletic shoes you can wear at work, our ANSI symbols will help you pick the perfect pair. Quickly find a non-slip shoe, a waterproof boot, or shoes with metatarsal guards to protect feet from injuries. Come and visit our stores in Colorado Springs or Golden, or shop online to find the shoes you need to keep you safe!



Shoes labeled ST contain safety toes designed to meet or exceed the ANSE Z41 PR99 Class 75 standard for Safety Toe footwear. See These Safety Shoes


Shoes labeled EH meet or exceed the ANSI Z41 PT99 standard for Electrical Hazard footwear. They are designed to help insulate the wearer from electrically energized parts or equipment. The soles of these shoes are non-conductive and will provide secondary proteciton against open circuits of 600 volts or less under dry conditions. See These Safety Shoes


Shoes labeled ESD meet or exceed the ANSI Z41 PT99 standard for Static Dissipative Type 1 footwear. They are designed to minimize the buildup of static electricity in the wearer while maintaining a high enough resistance to help protect against live electrical circuits (1-100 megaohms resistance). ESD shoes should not be worn where Electrical Hazard (EH) or Conductive (CD) footwear is required. See These Safety Shoes


Shoes labeled MT meet or exceed the ANSI Z41 PT99 standard for Metatarsal Guard footwear. They are designed to help protect the wearer from injuries to the upper foot (metatarsal bones). See These Safety Shoes


Shoes labeled WP are waterproof, as defined by the manufacturer. Depending on the footwear’s construction, certain styles may be more appropriate for varying conditions. See These Safety Shoes


Shoes labeled SR are designed to be slip resistant. These shoes meet or exceed the Mark II Test according to the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standard F1677. Please note that slip resistant does NOT mean slip proof, and slip resistance will vary depending on the surface and the wearer. See These Safety Shoes


Shoes labeled I are insulated, as defined by the manufacturer. Levels and types of insulation and lining may vary by style. Choose the type that best suits your needs. See These Safety Shoes


Shoes labeled N/M contain non-metallic safety toes. While meeting ANSI Z41 Class 75 requirements, these caps will not conduct heat or cold and will not set off metal detectors. See These Safety Shoes


Shoes labeled CT contain composite safety toes. See These Safety Shoes

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