How To Prepare For An OSHA Inspection By Wearing Safety Shoes

No, it’s not the ocean that we’re talking about. We’re talking about OSHA, a similar-sounding yet completely different thing. This government-based organization oversees workplace environments around the country, enforcing protective workplace safety measures and health standards. Putting the fear and worry into managers and owners across the country, OSHA also provides information, training, and assistance to employers and workers of many different industries.

OSHA-Compliant Safety Shoes and Protective Footwear

Why are we writing about OSHA? Well, here at Intermountain Safety Shoe, you could say that we’re invested in the safety and wellbeing of workers here in Golden and all around the Front Range of Colorado. We specialize in selling safety shoes (stylish safety shoes, too!), steel toe work boots, and protective footwear to help you stay safe on the job. In today’s blog post, our safety shoe experts are going to look at some helpful ways to prepare for an OSHA inspection, regardless of what industry you’re in. Learn more about our work footwear company today, or check out our safety shoes for sale!

Plan Ahead

Ideally, every company site should have a number of managers who know the basic steps to take whenever any government investigator shows up. First and foremost, the most important step is for site managers to know who to call in order obtain guidance. No owner or company executive is going to be pleased when they find out about an investigation due to receiving a citation.

Even if your company is relatively small in size, you should have a system in place so that with one call, the site manager can activate support systems including legal and risk management guidance, assistance to employees and families, and press and media management.

Take The Inspection Seriously

It seems that many employers these days are still not aware of just how serious OSHA is. While their aggressive approach to workplace safety inspections is in the name of safety and accident mitigation, even minor citations can harm businesses, even shutting them down in certain cases. When anticipating a visit from OSHA representatives, just bear in mind that no inspection is considered “minor”. Plus, with modern IT standards these days, OSHA can better track your company’s performance and corresponding safety records, even if the company in question operates under multiple names.

Know Why You’re Being Inspected

You don’t want to be caught off guard by your upcoming OSHA visit. Ideally, you should know why OSHA is visiting your worksite, but if not, ask why they are coming. Many inspections are triggered by a complaint and OSHA must tell you the items on the complaint. In any case, limit the inspection to the “scope” of the complaint, as OSHA will broaden the inspection if they observe hazards or if employees mention other hazards.

Be Responsive and Helpful

Some of the required documents in an inspection, such as OSHA’s Form 300 and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) must be promptly provided. However, you and your company also have the right to a reasonable amount of time in order to provide these required documents and other materials. Thoroughly review these documents, and consider if an explanation is required or if materials may be privileged. It is generally recommended not to volunteer self-audits, insurance, and consultant reports or other similar materials without talking to counsel first.

Exercise Your Right To Sit In On Interviews

If an OSHA representative is interviewing one of your employees due to an accident or for any other reason, you have a right to sit in or have counsel attend interviews that involve an employee. Doing this also helps management stay on the same page as the employee in question as well as the OSHA representative. That way, no miscommunication or misunderstandings are had.

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