Some Of The Top Reasons Why You Should Wear Safety Shoes

The human foot is a surprisingly complex biological mechanism, consisting of many, many different ligaments and joint connections. The intricacy of the foot is what allows us to be active and do things like walk, run, pivot, and jump, absorbing the impact of our entire body. When you really sit down and think about it, the foot truly is an amazing part of the body.

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As incredible as our feet are, they are also quite vulnerable and prone to injury. While our ancestors used to roam the earth barefoot, modern society has required us to cover our feet for legal, health, safety and comfort reasons. Shoes come in millions and millions of styles, colors, and sizes to protect our feet, making walking and standing all day bearable. If you work in construction, manufacturing, logistics, or you simply need the best protection for your feet, then you need to invest in a pair of safety shoes from our Golden safety boot store.

Because we know that people’s feet require the best footwear for the job, Intermountain Safety Shoe offers a great selection of work shoes and men’s safety shoes. We also carry plenty of women’s safety shoes and other stylish safety shoes designed to keep you safe and sturdy while on the job.

In today’s blog post, we’re going to take a close look at some of the top reasons why you should wear safety shoes. Read below to learn more, or feel free to shop our main collection of safety shoes today!

You Need To Meet OSHA Requirements

OSHA, or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (an organization that we’re very familiar with, to say the least), enforces strict rules and regulations in work environments, primarily for safety-based reasons. Depending on the nature of your work, you might be required by OSHA to wear a certain type of approved safety shoe, and you can count on Intermountain Safety Shoe to have OSHA-approved footwear. Footwear requirements enforced by OSHA might not even need to be slip-resistant shoes, but having toe protection and rigid support for your feet and ankles is usually a standard requirement for many jobs, especially construction-based positions.

You’re Working Around Falling Debris

Speaking of construction, if you happen to work a construction job, there’s a constant risk of falling bricks, falling lumber, or even falling heavy equipment - definitely a hazard for unprotected feet or other parts of the body that are left unprotected. Steel toe boots and reinforced safety shoes help prevent such objects from injuring your toes and feet. As a construction worker, you’re wearing a hard hat to protect your head from falling objects, and the principle behind protecting your feet is no different.

You Need Comfortable, Supportive Footwear

Many jobs require people to be on their feet for multiple hours at a time, or even for the entire day. If you’ve ever stood or walked around all day in less-than-adequate footwear, then surely you know about the importance of wearing comfortable, quality footwear while on the job. It’s a common misconception that steel toe boots and safety shoes are uncomfortable, but really, most pairs of safety shoes are durable and comfortable. If you want, there’s always the option of slipping in a gel insole, too.

You Need to Avoid Slip and Fall Accidents

Now, not that anyone isn’t trying to avoid a slip and fall accident, per say, but some job environments like restaurants make slip-resistant footwear an absolute requirement. Falling objects might be able to hurt your toes, but slipping and taking a fall due to a slippery surface could damage your whole foot or even your entire body. Slip-resistant shoes are great because they can help prevent such accidents from occurring while giving you an extra layer of hardened protection. There are even some models of anti-slip shoes that actually look pretty sharp, closely resembling a nice pair of formal dress shoes. 

You Need a Durable Pair Of Shoes That Will Last

Another great thing about safety shoes and steel toe boots is that they are typically built to last. Unlike a cheap pair of shoes at big box corporations, these shoes are specially built to withstand regular wear and tear - they’re work shoes, after all. A good pair of safety shoes is a lot like a trusty toolbox, in the sense that they go with you wherever you need to get work done. Again, they can also take a beating without getting worn down too quickly. A pair of safety shoes from our Golden shoe store is sure to last you many years to come, even if you beat them up.

You Need Supportive Footwear To Combine With Your Socks

Quality socks call for quality footwear, and safety shoes are a perfect match for a pair of high-quality, durable socks. Seeing as many people wear their safety shoes and work boots eight to over twelve hours at a time, it only makes sense to pair a comfortable set of socks with a great pair of shoes. Trust us; when your feet are comfortable moving around at the end of a lengthy shift, you’ll be glad that you made the investment in proper work footwear.

Safety Shoes That You And Your Feet Will Love

With our impressive selection of stylish safety shoes and steel toe work boots here at Intermountain Safety Shoe, we have the perfect pair of work shoes to meet the grueling demands of your job. Learn more by getting in touch with our Golden safety shoe store or shop online today!