Obenauf's Heavy Duty LP - 4oz
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Obenauf’s Heavy Duty LP

Industrial strength leather preservative (lp) was originally developed for protecting and waterproofing firefighters leather work boots. Heavy Duty LP is a leather conditioner made with our natural oil and beeswax formula. This unique Beeswax/Propolis Suspension Formula protects leather against caustic fire retardant chemicals, heat, water, and abrasion. Natural oils in Heavy Duty LP are gradually released into the fibers as a long term lubrication. Heat and flexing cause oils to be released, oiling the leather when it needs it most, making this an excellent leather boot conditioner. Before application, a spot test is recommended because Heavy Duty LP will darken your leather and nubuck. Not recommended for Suede. Made in the USA.

Apply Heavy Duty LP to your:


  • Leather Work Boots
  • Saddle Bags and Chaps
  • Belts
  • Holsters
  • Sheathes
  • Baseball Gloves
  • And more!